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Matthew Scott is a leading database marketing agency, and for 40 years has been delivering turnkey menu driven solutions for the creation, fulfillment and optimization of B2B and B2C programs and promotions.

Data Yields Returns

As a below-the-line data driven agency specializing in promotional program design, warranty administration, development, implementation and ongoing management, the Matthew Scott team understands the importance of attribution and return on investment.
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B2B & B2C

With our deep experience in B2B and B2C program
administration and analytics, you get the metrics and
supporting information that provides actionable
decision making for ongoing improvement resulting in
maximum profitability.

  • Marketing Services

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Maximizing Revenues

From strategic data driven program design to comprehensive administration and management, we offer full support and true partnership.

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Data collection is fundamental, but analysis drives insights. Matthew Scott aggregates key information and reports on trends that optimize program performance.

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Our credibility is earned when your programs deliver a positive return on investment. Our longstanding clients attest to the positive results achieved that have led to ongoing expansion.

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A Dedicated Customer Solution Center

Despite all the deep analytics and advanced reporting capabilities… we still know that the most important aspect for developing long term value with your customers is the upfront and ongoing relationships that you forge with them. That’s why our dedicated customer solution center is populated with highly trained bilingual marketing personnel who build meaningful and positive customer relationships with your target audience and behave as an extension of your team.
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